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The Connection Field is a global service program initiated by our community to provide online support and connection during these unprecedented times of COVID-19. We may be asked to self-quarantine, social distance, and shelter-at-home, but that doesn't mean we are alone! Join us in the Connection Field. There is no charge for this community service. We are LIVE each day on Zoom. Watch the brief video and share this with your friends and family. No one should feel isolated, alone or disconnected in these times or radical change. Come check in and experience the resonant love lift your day!

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Make Connections that Matter

Join us in the Resonance Lounge. Rest in the Unified Field of Consciousness. Experience a morning fire or a daily meditation. Make new connections, expand heart resonance, and build community coherence. This opportunity is like no other. 

"The Connection Field is weaving the fabric of wholeness." ~ Shelley Ostroff


The Connection Field is an ever-expanding field of love and resonance; a caring, inclusive space, to be authentic and expand in heart resonance, embodied wholeness, and meaningful connection. JOIN US. Create online community and greater coherence for the good of the whole.

C A L E N D A R 

See our ever-changing calendar of events in our Connection Field Trello Calendar. Enjoy a brief description of all the different offerings.

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Miraculous Experience

Being in the Connection Field is an amazing and at times a miraculous experience hard to find the words to accurately express the connective depth of LOVE in the Global Heart Resonance Field. While facilitating the Global Heart Team Love Bubble Hour, I experience a profound depth of loving connection between the participants in the Global Heart Resonance Field that is magical and a sense of oneness prevails in this field. This sense of oneness prevails in many of the other hours in the Connection field too. I encourage anyone who is searching for a deeper connection to Global Heart Resonance Field with others to come try any of the many offerings in the Connection Field. ~ Grace Barry-Greb

A Safe and Supportive Space

I have been participating in the Global Heart Resonance calls on Mondays for about 2 years now, and I love this community and the upliftment we experience together.  What a way to start the week! When the pandemic arrived, the community responded by creating the Connection Field - providing a safe and supportive space to experience upliftment together every day.  The richness of this community has to be experienced to be understood - the diversity, humor, joy, music, depth and creativity.  It is a joy to be connected and have the opportunity to be a Member of Good of the Whole." ~ Sharon Hardy

I Feel Like I Belong

In a world where it is easy to feel insignificant, Good of the Whole has created a safe space where I feel like I matter, I feel like I belong. Each interaction from the inception of  the Good of the Whole to where it has grown to be today, has allowed me to find the golden thread in me lighting a path within myself to my courage. My courage to bravely be authentic and open with a voice and heart of LOVE even when it feels uncomfortable. The many voices, perspectives and realities that have intersected here are creating a LOVE based reality for anyone who wishes to join for the years to come. I am excited to be among visionaries emerging a world I am excited to be living in. A world that is rooted in LOVE with compassion, generosity, understanding and kindness for all as we shift from stumbling through this world to thriving it. ~ Michelle Grabanski Pohlad

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