Global Heart Team

Welcome to the Global Heart Team where we gather together with our personal hearts open to take in the energy of unconditional LOVE and then create a loving coherent resonance field to share with all living beings and Mother Earth. Together we discover the power of LOVE when we energetically connect our open personal hearts to increase the coherent resonance field within the Global Heart of humanity.

 Global Heart Team’s mission is to stand in LOVE in a coherent resonance field to support the transformation into a LOVE focused humanity. 

We Stand in Love for the seven visions below.

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We Stand in Love for the Good of the Whole

"Many Compassionate Hearts gathering from around the World to offer everyone the Healing Energy of Love. Planting the Seeds Of Love and the Joy of Joy for All to re-align in Harmony and Balance." ~ Charlie Riverman Bergeron


Please come join the Global Heart Team with your personal heart and energetically connect with other LOVE-focused personal hearts that increase the power of LOVE in humanity.

T H U R S D A Y S !

Join us every week in The Connection Field for a weekly meditation and conversation. We meet EVERY Thursday at 4:00 pm Eastern. Double the time in The Connection Field calendar.

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Stand With Us!

We stand in LOVE for equality and mutual respect of all people.
We stand in LOVE for the health, safety and welfare of all living beings.
We stand in LOVE for abundant resources for all people.
We stand in LOVE for all people to share their gifts for the benefit of the whole.
We stand in LOVE for resolution of all conflicts to create a peaceful world.
We stand in LOVE for the wholeness of humanity.
We stand in LOVE for Mother Earth.

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L O V E   S E E D S 

Global Heart Love Seed Project for 2021 is to plant pink LOVE seeds around the world to support the increase LOVE and compassion in humanity. For more information on how to receive some Love seeds please contact Grace at: [email protected]

O P E N   H E A R T S 

More opportunities to stand in Love and open your heart coming soon!

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