BrightStar Live Events

BrightStar is the one stop solution for launching mind-body-spirit events.

Center for Healthy Minds

Center for Healthy Minds cultivates well-being and relieves suffering through a scientific understanding of the mind.  They vision a kinder, wiser, more compassionate world; a place where transforming your mind not only improves your own well-being, but cascades to the well-being of others in your community and around the globe.

Consciousness and Healing Initiative

The Consciousness and Healing Initiative (CHI) is an international collaborative accelerator of scientists, health practitioners, innovators, educators and artists, who forward the transdisciplinary science and real-world application of consciousness and healing practices. CHI fosters a social movement to place health and healing at the center of our personal and global consciousness, in order to build healthier societies and sustainable stewardship of our planet.

The Cosmic Conduit & Sherryl Frauenglass

Expand into the fullness of who you really are and follow what presents in the moment with Awakening Coaching and Energy Sessions.

The David Lynch Foundation

The David Lynch Foundation helps to prevent and eradicate the all-pervasive epidemic of trauma and toxic stress among at-risk populations through promoting widespread implementation of the evidence-based Transcendental Meditation (TM) program in order to improve their health, cognitive capabilities and performance in life.

Do As One

To serve and connect humanity by establishing a legacy of healthy, conscious breathing.

Evolution of Medicine

Our mission is to help medicine adapt to its new environment, inspiring the creation of a medical system capable of effectively reversing, preventing and managing chronic illness.  We believe Integrative and Functional Medicine holds the key to solving this global problem with its upgraded operating system that empowers the patient to play a role in their own health and addresses the root cause of chronic disease.

Flourish Project

Transformations towards a sustainable future involve fundamental redirections of current human-environmental relationships (i.e. social-ecological or people-planet interactions). From local to global scales, evidence is mounting that many of these interactions have become 'locked in' to unsustainable pathways that cannot ensure the long-term generation of both critical ecosystem services and human wellbeing (ISSC and UNESCO 2013).

Greater Good, The Science of a Meaningful Life

Groundbreaking, scientific research studies the psychology, sociology and neuroscience of well-being and teaches skills that foster a thriving, resilient and compassionate society

GreaterGood.com - Gifts that Give More

Connects a passionate audience with simple online tools to make the world a better place; tangible, documented support for charities that help people, save pets, and improve the planet; an online community with real power to change the world.


Devoted to improving the health and well-being of people, pets, and the planet. 

Humanity United International

A non-profit organization established to provide skilled medical/dental care and living necessities to those truly in need no matter where they are in the world and how they identify themselves.


A Global Initiative for the Empowerment of Women: Women all over the world, Finding their voice, expressing their power, living their dreams, and becoming leaders in their communities. IMAGINE empowers women in challenging life circumstances in developing world countries to envision and create new possibilities for their lives through participating in a four-day training program called the “Empowerment Workshop.” This training program, developed by David Gershon and Gail Straub—pioneers of the field of empowerment and founders and co-directors of Empowerment Institute’s School for Transformative Social Change—has successfully been applied over the past thirty years in over forty countries worldwide.

Linda Linker Rosenthal 

Linda Linker Rosenthal and Insight Out Visionary Healing Arts is dedicated to higher self awareness and authentic expression. 

Meditation Museum

The Meditation Museums offer spaces of silence and wisdom. With exhibits that guide you on a journey within, we invite you to tour the space and experience peace and power.

Mindfulness without Borders

Our primary focus is strengthening the essential skills and practices that enable young people, educators and professionals to connect with the present moment and use this awareness to bolster attention, regulate emotions and resilience to stress.

Mission Be

Mission Be’s offers mindfulness based educational programs to train for students to better manage stress and regulate emotions.

Natural Awakenings

Each month Natural Awakenings magazines across the United States take a practical look at the latest natural approaches to nutrition, fitness, creative expression, personal growth and sustainable living.


Omega is a place to explore the extraordinary potential that exists in all of us as individuals and together as a human family.

Pacha Soap

Create prosperity for others and our Earth by practicing transparent and ethical commerce through our supply chain. Support clean water initiatives and hygiene education for healthier communities. Invest in communities and people through skill development and entrepreneurial opportunities to establish self-sustaining commerce. Instill confidence, strength and liberate people through economic freedom.

Presencing Institute

The Presencing Institute (PI) is an awareness-based action-research community that creates social technologies, builds capacities, and generates holding spaces for profound societal renewal.

Progressive Medical Education

Progressive Medical Education is a medical education organization that specializes in integrative and environmental medicine for the purpose of expanding physicians and health care providers knowledge of health, medical conditions and treatment options with the goal of improving their clinical practice and patient outcomes.

Seva Foundation

Seva Foundation partners worldwide to create self-sustaining programs that preserve and restore sight.

The Wellbeing Project

The Wellbeing Project is focused on both modeling support to social change leaders, and cultivating a shift in the culture of the field toward one that is healthier and supportive of inner wellbeing.

1 Giant Mind

1 Giant Mind is a non-profit dedicated to delivering 'Learn to Meditate' programs and resources to combat the negative impact of stress and increase health and wellbeing.